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What is a moderately slow or warm oven temperature in Celsius?

This Oven Temperature Converter will help you to easily and quickly convert from gas mark temperatures to other temperature units and vice-versa. This tool converts between Gas Mark, Fahrenheit, Celsius, °C Electricity oven and °C Electricity fan-assisted oven. It is also possible to find the meaning of "moderately hot" or "hot" oven temperatures and the equivalent value in gas mark or degrees.

Here is the answer to questions like: What is a moderately slow or warm oven temperature in Celsius?

Moderately slow or warm is the same as:

  • Gas mark 3
    • 163 degrees Celsius (°C)
    • 325 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
    • 153 electricity oven (°C)
    • 143 electricity fan-assisted oven (°C)

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Oven temperature conversion chart

heit (°F)
Celsius (°C) Gas MarkStandard
225°F107°C¼ Very Slow / Very Low
250°F121°C½ Very Slow / Very Low
275°F135°C1 Slow / Low
300°F149°C2 Slow / Low
325°F163°C3 Moderately Slow / Warm
350°F177°C4 Moderate / Medium
375°F191°C5 Moderate / Moderately Hot
400°F204°C6 Moderately Hot
425°F218°C7 Hot
450°F232°C8 Hot / Very Hot
475°F246°C9 Very hot
500°F260°C10 Extremely Hot

About Electricity and Fan-assisted and Electricity Ovens

When using a fan-assisted oven, you should lower the temperature by 20 degrees C, so if a recipe gives a temperature of 230 C, lower it to 210 °C in a fan-assisted oven. If you use a electric oven, just lower the temperature by 10 °C, ie. from 230 to 220 °C for the previous example.

Note: the conversion table below uses approximate values sufficient to be precise for cooking purposes. But, please note that different manufacturers and oven types do vary, so this converter cannot give an exact indication. The best way to be sure about the oven temperature is to calibrate the scale using an oven thermometer.

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