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Basic Area Converter

To use this area converter, choose two units, then type some value in the box at left (input). The converted result will immediately appear in the output box at right.

Basic Area Unit Converter



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Here is a handy little tool you can use to convert units of area beetween various measurement systems like: hectare to acre, acre to hectare, hectares to meters, hectares to m2, Square Kilometers to Hectares,Square Centimeters to Squere Inches, Square Miles to Km2, Square Yards to Square Feet, Square Inches to cm2, and so on. You can you can find responses to questions like: 'how many square feet make one square meter', 'how many acres are in a hectare', 'how many meters are in a hectare', 'how many feet are in an acre', etc.

Note: the acre is the only unit of area in common use, other than the square-foot, and the square mile. The rood is an area of 1 furlong by 1 rod, or 1210 sq. yds. An acre is four roods.

Metric >> Unit Symbol Metric Equivalent Imperial Equivalent

square centimeter

cm² - 1 cm² = 0.1550 in²

square meter

1 m² = 10,000 cm² 1 m² = 1.1960 yd²
hectare ha 1 ha = 10,000 m² 1 ha = 2.4711 acres

square kilometer

km² 1 km² = 100 ha 1 km² = 0.3861 mile²
Imperial >> Unit Symbol Imperial Equivalent Metric Equivalent
square inch in² - 1 in² = 6.4516 cm²
square foot ft² 1 ft² = 144 in² 1 ft² = 0.0929 m²
square yard yd² 1 yd² = 9 ft² 1 yd² = 0.8361 m²
acre acre 1 acre = 4840 yd² 1 acre = 4046.9 m²
square mile mile² 1 mile² = 640 acres 1 mile² = 2.59 km²

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