About Coolconversion.com

Coolconversion.com is a personal project. I try to make the best web tools related to calculators and conversion of units.

I made some basic unit converters, but soon I noticed that I could make more sophisticated converters that could provide more information - not only the results.

So, I developed some converters that provide more info as the example Volume Converter below:

Calculator showing details

Note that, it shows the conversion factor, how to calculate the formula and an alternative value as a usable fraction.

After being relatively satisfied with the unit converters, I began to develop other math-related calculators. One of my favorites is the Base Converter which besides showing the results, it shows all steps of the calculation. This calculator is really successful. See below:

Step-by-step base converter

My objective is to continue developing these tools indefinitely, as well as, constantly improve then, not only for the money, but mainly because it is a real passion and a big challenge for me.

If you have any suggestions, complaints or just want to send a message, please contact me.

I can be reached HERE.


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