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0 dBm mW
dBm to W/mW Converter Calculator

Conversion of electric power units. dBm to W / mW. Here is the answer to the question: 0 dBm mW or 0 dBm to milliwatts. Use the calculator below to convert any dBm values to Watts or miliwatts.

dBm to mW or W Converter

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Change to mW/W to dBm/dBW

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dBm to miliwatt (mW) / Watt (W), Conversion Table (*)

Power (dBm)Power (mW)
-30 dBm0.001 mW
-20 dBm0.01 mW
-10 dBm0.1 mW
 0 dBm1 mW
 3 dBm2 mW
 4.8 dBm3 mW
 6 dBm4 mW
 7 dBm5 mW
 7.8 dBm6 mW
 8.5 dBm7 mW
 9 dBm8 mW
 9.5 dBm9 mW
 10 dBm10 mW
 20 dBm100 mW
 30 dBm1000 mW
 40 dBm10000 mW
 50 dBm100000 mW
 60 dBm1000000 mW
 70 dBm10000000 mW
 80 dBm100000000 mW
 90 dBm1000000000 mW
 100 dBm10000000000 mW

(*) Some values are rounded

How to convert dBm to mW

The power conversion from dBm to mW or Watt is given by the formula:

P(dBm) = 10(P(mW)/10)

Example 1:

Convert 20 dBm to milliwatts:

P(mW) = 10(20/10) = 100 mW

So, the power of 20 dBm is equal to 100 mW or 0.1 W (Watt).

Example 2:

Convert -30 dBm to milliwatts:

P(mW) = 10(-30/10) = 0.001 mW

So, the power of -30 dBm is equal to 0.001 mW or 0.000001 W = 1 μW.

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