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Common words that may be removed: a, all, also, an, and, are, as, at, be, before, but, by, for, from, had, have, he, her, him, his, I, in, is, it, me, my, no, not, of, one, our, out, shall, so, that, the, their, them, there, they, this, to, up, us, was, we, when ...

Using this online word counter it is possible to count words as well as to count characters in text. So, it works well as a online character counter and a word counter tool at the same time. It is a good tool for SEO (search engine optimisation) once it permits to determine the frequency count of keywords in absolute values or in percent. Another use for this free word counter is to limit the number of words when you are writing a essay limited to say 400 to 450 words. It helps you once the number of words is show at the bottom as you type. This word counter has a very large capacity. You can past a million (or perhaps much more) words text here and it will work fine. You can paste the contents of a word document, a pdf doc, a HTML page or any text file.

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