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Compound Interest Calculator


Principal ($): ?The amount or balance at the beginning of the compounding period is called Principal. It is also known as Initial Deposit or Beginning Account Balance. Example: $1,000.00
?The time the money is invested or borrowed for. It is labeled with a t. It corresponds to the time interval the interest will be calculated. For example: 3 years, 2.5 months, etc.
?The interest rate, in this calculator, is given as an annual rate also known as nominal rate labeled with an r. For example: 6 percent.
? If, for example, the interest is compounded monthly, you should select the correspondind option. In this case, this calculator automatically ajusts the compounding period to 1/12. In general, the interest rate for the compounding interval = annual rate / number of compounding periods in one year. This calculator accepts the folowing intervals:
Number of Periods
in One Year
1 daydaily365
1 monthmonthly12
3 monthsquarterly4
6 monthssemiannually2
1 yearannually1

Results (Totals)

Value ($):
?The balance at the end of the calculation period (principal + interest + contributions). It is also known as the Final Amount.
Interest ($)
?The total amount at the end of the calculation period of the compound interest only.
Regular Monthly($)

See below the calculations table and time series chart.

Compound interest means that the interest you earn each year is added to your principal, so that the balance doesn't merely grow, it grows at an increasing rate. Click here to read more about interest rates.

Compound Interest Chart

Compound Interest Calculations Table

Compound Interest Meaning

Compound interest means that the interest you earn in each compounding period is added to your principal, so that the balance doesn't merely grow, it grows at an increasing rate.

Compound Interest Formula

A = P × (1 + r/n)n × t


  • A = the future value (or FV) of the investment/loan, including interest
  • P = the principal investment amount (the initial deposit or loan amount also known as present value or PV)
  • r = the annual interest rate expressed in decimal form (decimal = %/100). r is also known as rate of return.
  • n = the number compounding periods per year (n = 1 for annually, n = 12 for monthly, etc.)
  • t = the time in years or fraction of years (multiples of 1/n. Ex.: 2/n, 3/n, etc.)

If you want to calculate the compound interest only, you should use this formula:

I = × (1 + r/n)n × t - P


  • This calculator uses one year as 365 days.
  • This calculator is provided to help you determine how a line of credit, loan, savings account or a deposit may affect your budget.

Compounding Interest Calculator - Yearly, Monthly, Daily

Compound Interest Calculator

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