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Temperature Conversion.

Use this temperature converter to convert temperature between the main scales like: Fahrenheit to Celsius converion (Old Centigrade), Celsius to Fahrenheit, Kelvin to Celsius, Celsius to Kelvin, Fahrenheit to Kelvin, and other degree conversions.

Temperature Converter

Choose the units you want to convert:

Temperature conversion chart

From To Fahrenheit To Celsius To Kelvin
Fahrenheit (F) F (F - 32) × 5/9 (F - 32) × 5/9 + 273.15
Celsius (C or o) (C × 9/5) + 32 C C + 273.15
Kelvin (K) (K - 273.15) × 9/5 + 32 K - 273.15 K

Sample temperature conversions


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