Scientific Notation to Decimal Calculator

Scientific Notation to Decimal Calculator

Input number in scientific notation (#.#e+/-#) between 1.0e-308 and 1.0e+308:

Result in decimal form or text:

This is a specialized calculator to convert big numbers frequently not available in scientific calculators, all results will be formatted in decimal form up to 308 digits.

How to use this calculator

Scientific notation is also know as exponential notation. In this calculator, numbers in scientific notation must be entered in 'e' notation. For example, 1.234 x 1040 is entered as 1.234e40 or 1.234E40.

Note that 1e0 = 1 x 10^0 and since anything raised to 0 is equal to 1, 1e0 = 1.

More examples on how to enter numbers in scientific notation

Examples with outputs:

Scientifc Notation "e" Notation Output
2.0 x 10-6 2.0e-6 0.000002
3.54 x 1010 3.54e10 35400000000
9.518 x 1015 9.518e15 9518000000000000


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