Densities for common substances chart

1,1,2 trichlorotrifluoroethane1564 kg/m³25 °C
1,2,4 trichlorobenzene1454 kg/m³20 °C
1,4 dioxane1033.6 kg/m³20 °C
2 methoxyethanol964.6 kg/m³20 °C
acetic acid1049.1 kg/m³25 °C
acetone784.58 kg/m³25 °C
acetonitrile782.2 kg/m³20 °C
alcohol, ethyl785.06 kg/m³25 °C
alcohol, methyl786.51 kg/m³25 °C
alcohol, propyl799.96 kg/m³25 °C
ammonia604 kg/m³25 °C
ammonia (aqua)823.35 kg/m³25 °C
aniline1018.93 kg/m³25 °C
automobile oils (average)910 kg/m³15 °C
beer (average)1010 kg/m³10 °C
benzene873.81 kg/m³25 °C
benzil1079.64 kg/m³25 °C
brine1230 kg/m³15 °C
bromine3120.4 kg/m³25 °C
butane599.09 kg/m³25 °C
butyric acid959 kg/m³20 °C
caproic acid921.06 kg/m³25 °C
carbolic acid956.3 kg/m³15 °C
carbon disulfide1260.97 kg/m³25 °C
carbon tetrachloride1584.39 kg/m³25 °C
carene856.99 kg/m³25 °C
castor oil956.14 kg/m³25 °C
CCL41584 kg/m³25 °C
chloride1559.88 kg/m³25 °C
chlorobenzene1105.8 kg/m³20 °C
chloroform1489.2 kg/m³20 °C
chloroform1464.73 kg/m³20 °C
citric acid1659.51 kg/m³25 °C
CO2680 kg/m³25 °C
coconut oil924.27 kg/m³15 °C
cotton seed oil925.87 kg/m³15 °C
creosote1066.83 kg/m³15 °C
cresol1023.58 kg/m³25 °C
crude oil, 32.6° api862 kg/m³60 °F
crude oil, 35.6° api847 kg/m³60 °F
crude oil, 40° api825 kg/m³60 °F
crude oil, 48° api790 kg/m³60 °F
crude oil, california915 kg/m³60 °F
crude oil, mexican973 kg/m³60 °F
crude oil, texas873 kg/m³60 °F
cumene860.19 kg/m³25 °C
cyclohexane778.5 kg/m³20 °C
cyclopentane745.4 kg/m³20 °C
decane726.28 kg/m³25 °C
dichloromethane1326 kg/m³20 °C
dichloromethane1326 kg/m³20 °C
diesel fuel oil 20 to 60885 kg/m³15 °C
diethyl ether714 kg/m³20 °C
diethylene glycol1120 kg/m³15 °C
dimethyl acetamide941.5 kg/m³20 °C
dimethyl sulfoxide1100.4 kg/m³20 °C
dodecane754.63 kg/m³25 °C
ethane570.26 kg/m³-89 °C
ethanol783 kg/m³25 °C
ether72.72 kg/m³25 °C
ethyl acetate900.6 kg/m³20 °C
ethyl alcohol789.2 kg/m³20 °C
ethyl ether713.3 kg/m³20 °C
ethylamine680.78 kg/m³16 °C
ethylene dichloride1253 kg/m³20 °C
ethylene glycol1096.78 kg/m³25 °C
fluorine refrigerant r 121310.95 kg/m³25 °C
formaldehyde812.14 kg/m³45 °C
formic acid 10% concentration1025 kg/m³20 °C
formic acid 80% concentration1221 kg/m³20 °C
freon 111490 kg/m³21 °C
freon 211370 kg/m³21 °C
fuel oil890.13 kg/m³60 °F
furan1416.03 kg/m³25 °C
furforol1154.93 kg/m³25 °C
gas oils890 kg/m³60 °F
gasoline750 kg/m³25 °C
gasoline, natural711.22 kg/m³60 °F
gasoline, vehicle737.22 kg/m³60 °F
glucose1395 kg/m³60 °F
glycerin1259.37 kg/m³25 °C
glycerine1260 kg/m³25 °C
glycerol1126.1 kg/m³25 °C
glyme869.1 kg/m³20 °C
heptane679.5 kg/m³25 °C
hexane654.83 kg/m³25 °C
hexanol810.53 kg/m³25 °C
hexene671.17 kg/m³25 °C
hydrazine794.52 kg/m³25 °C
iodine4927.28 kg/m³25 °C
ionene932.27 kg/m³25 °C
iso octane691.9 kg/m³20 °C
isobutyl alcohol801.6 kg/m³20 °C
isopropyl alcohol785.4 kg/m³20 °C
isopropyl myristate853.2 kg/m³20 °C
kerosene817.15 kg/m³60 °F
linolenic acid898.64 kg/m³25 °C
linseed oil929.07 kg/m³25 °C
mek802.52 kg/m³25 °C
methane464.54 kg/m³-164 °C
methanol791.3 kg/m³20 °C
methyl ethyl ketone (mek)804.9 kg/m³20 °C
methyl isoamyl ketone888 kg/m³20 °C
methyl isobutyl ketone800.8 kg/m³20 °C
methyl n propyl ketone808.2 kg/m³20 °C
methyl t butyl ether740.5 kg/m³20 °C
milk970 kg/m³15 °C
n butyl acetate879.6 kg/m³20 °C
n butyl alcohol809.7 kg/m³20 °C
n butyl chloride886.2 kg/m³20 °C
n methylpyrrolidone1030.4 kg/m³20 °C
n octane692 kg/m³25 °C
n propyl alcohol803.7 kg/m³20 °C
n,n dimethylformamide948.7 kg/m³20 °C
naphtha664.77 kg/m³15 °C
naphtha, wood959.51 kg/m³25 °C
napthalene820.15 kg/m³25 °C
o dichlorobenzene1305.8 kg/m³20 °C
o xylene880.2 kg/m³20 °C
ocimene797.72 kg/m³25 °C
octane917.86 kg/m³15 °C
oil engine885 kg/m³25 °C
oil light910 kg/m³25 °C
olive oil1395 kg/m³20 °C
oxygen (liquid)1140 kg/m³-183 °C 
palmitic acid850.58 kg/m³25 °C
pentane626.2 kg/m³20 °C
pentane624.82 kg/m³20 °C
petrol, natural711.22 kg/m³60 °F
petrol737.22 kg/m³60 °F
petroleum ether640 kg/m³20 °C
phenol1072.28 kg/m³25 °C
phosgene1377.59 kg/m³0 °C
phytadiene823.35 kg/m³25 °C
pinene856.99 kg/m³25 °C
propane583.07 kg/m³-40 °C
propane, R 290493.53 kg/m³25 °C
propanol804.13 kg/m³25 °C
propylene514.35 kg/m³25 °C
propylene carbonate1200.6 kg/m³20 °C
propylene glycol965.27 kg/m³25 °C
pyridine978.73 kg/m³25 °C
pyrrole965.91 kg/m³25 °C
R 121310 kg/m³25 °C
R 134a1206 kg/m³25 °C
R 221190 kg/m³25 °C
rape seed oil920 kg/m³20 °C
resorcinol1268.66 kg/m³25 °C
rosin oil980 kg/m³15 °C
sabiname812.14 kg/m³25 °C
sea water1025.18 kg/m³25 °C
silane717.63 kg/m³25 °C
sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)1250 kg/m³15 °C
sorbaldehyde895.43 kg/m³25 °C
soya bean oil1395 kg/m³15 °C
stearic acid890.63 kg/m³25 °C
styrene903.44 kg/m³25 °C
sugar solution 68 brix1338 kg/m³15 °C
sulphuric acid 95% conc.1839 kg/m³20 °C
sunflower oil920 kg/m³20 °C
terpinene847.38 kg/m³25 °C
tetrahydrofuran888 kg/m³20 °C
toluene866.9 kg/m³20 °C
toluene862.27 kg/m³20 °C
triethylamine727.6 kg/m³20 °C
trifluoroacetic acid1489 kg/m³20 °C
turpentine868.2 kg/m³25 °C
water1000 kg/m³25 °C
water, pure1000 kg/m³4 °C
water, sea1021.98 kg/m³77 °F
whale oil925 kg/m³15 °C



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