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Here we answer questions like: Simplify 12/34 to lowest terms or how to simplify/reduce this fraction: 12/34? PLease read details below and use our calculator to learn more on how to reduce or simplify fractions.

How to simplify fractions

There are some different ways to simplify or reduce a fraction. See some examples below:

Method 1 - Keep Dividing by a Small Number

Start by dividing both the top and bottom numbers of the fraction by the same number, and repeat this if necessary until it is impossible to divide. Begin dividing by a small number like 2, 3, 5, 7. For example,

Simplify the fraction 12/60

  • First divide both (numerator/denominator) by 2 to get 6/30.
  • Divide both of those by 2 to get 3/15, then,
  • Divide both of those by 3 to get 1/5.

In the fraction 1/5, 1 is only divisible by itself, and 5 is not divisible by other numbers than itself and 1, so the fraction has been simplified as much as possible. No further reduction is possible, so the answer is 1/5.

Method 2

To reduce a fraction to lowest terms (also called its simplest form), just divide both the numerator and denominator by the Greatest Common Factor (GCF or GCD). For example, 2/3 is in lowest form, but 4/6 is not in lowest form (the GCD of 4 and 6 is 2) and 4/6 can be expressed as 2/3. You can do this because the value of a fraction is not changed if both the numerator and denominator are multiplied or divided by the same number (other than zero).

Fractions simplifier - Simplifying fractions calculator

Fractions simplifier - Simplifying fractions calculator

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