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Use our calculator to get the opposite of 3. Also, learn what is an opposite of a number as use our step-by-step calculator to find the opposite of any real number or fraction.

Opposite of a Number or of a Fraction Calculator

Ex.: 2, -2.33, -1/2, 2 5/3, etc.
Note that 2 5/3 means one and a half = 2 + 5/3

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Click here to calculate the inverse or reciprocal of 3.

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What Does the Opposite of a Number Mean?

Definition 1: Opposite number or additive inverse of any number (n) is a number which, if added to, results in 0, the identity element of addition. The opposite number for n is written as −n.

Definition 2: The opposite of a number is its additive inverse, which means that its sign is reversed. A number and its additive inverse equal zero when added.

Definition 3: The opposite of a number is the number on the other side of the 0 number line and the same distance from 0. Examples:

The opposite of 3 is -3 and vice-versa.

Opposite Numbers

Video on How To Find The Opposite of Whole Numbers, Fractions and, Decimal Numbers

This excellent video explains how to find the reciprocal of a whole number, a fraction, as well as, the reciprocal of a mixed number.

Video on How To Find The Opposite of Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimal Numbers ↼ Click on the image to watch the video.


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