Convert 80 kg to stones and pounds

Kg/grams to stones and pounds converter

kilogram (kg) gram (g)
stones (st) pounds (lb)

Weight conversion chart

Pounds Unit Stone kg
1 1 pound 114 0.4536
14 1 stone 1 6.350
28 1 quarter 2 12.70
112 1 hundredweight 8 50.80
2240 1 (long) ton 160 1016

Values around 80 Kilograms


Note: some values may be rounded.

Weight chart kg to stones and pounds

KgStonesst and pounds
40kg6.3st6st 4.2lb
40.5kg6.38st6st 5.3lb
41kg6.46st6st 6.4lb
41.5kg6.54st6st 7.6lb
42kg6.61st6st 8.5lb
42.5kg6.69st6st 9.7lb
43kg6.77st6st 10.8lb
43.5kg6.85st6st 11.9lb
44kg6.93st6st 13lb
44.5kg7.01st7st 0.1lb
45kg7.09st7st 1.3lb
45.5kg7.17st7st 2.4lb
46kg7.24st7st 3.4lb
46.5kg7.32st7st 4.5lb
47kg7.4st7st 5.6lb
47.5kg7.48st7st 6.7lb
48kg7.56st7st 7.8lb
48.5kg7.64st7st 9lb
49kg7.72st7st 10.1lb
49.5kg7.79st7st 11.1lb
50kg7.87st7st 12.2lb
50.5kg7.95st7st 13.3lb
51kg8.03st8st 0.4lb
51.5kg8.11st8st 1.5lb
52kg8.19st8st 2.7lb
52.5kg8.27st8st 3.8lb
53kg8.35st8st 4.9lb
53.5kg8.42st8st 5.9lb
54kg8.5st8st 7lb
54.5kg8.58st8st 8.1lb
55kg8.66st8st 9.2lb
55.5kg8.74st8st 10.4lb
56kg8.82st8st 11.5lb
56.5kg8.9st8st 12.6lb
57kg8.98st8st 13.7lb
57.5kg9.05st9st 0.7lb
58kg9.13st9st 1.8lb
58.5kg9.21st9st 2.9lb
59kg9.29st9st 4.1lb
59.5kg9.37st9st 5.2lb
60kg9.45st9st 6.3lb
60.5kg9.53st9st 7.4lb
61kg9.61st9st 8.5lb
61.5kg9.68st9st 9.5lb
62kg9.76st9st 10.6lb
62.5kg9.84st9st 11.8lb
63kg9.92st9st 12.9lb
63.5kg10st10st 0lb
64kg10.08st10st 1.1lb
64.5kg10.16st10st 2.2lb
65kg10.24st10st 3.4lb
65.5kg10.31st10st 4.3lb
66kg10.39st10st 5.5lb
66.5kg10.47st10st 6.6lb
67kg10.55st10st 7.7lb
67.5kg10.63st10st 8.8lb
68kg10.71st10st 9.9lb
68.5kg10.79st10st 11.1lb
69kg10.87st10st 12.2lb
69.5kg10.94st10st 13.2lb
70kg11.02st11st 0.3lb
70.5kg11.1st11st 1.4lb
71kg11.18st11st 2.5lb
71.5kg11.26st11st 3.6lb
72kg11.34st11st 4.8lb
72.5kg11.42st11st 5.9lb
73kg11.5st11st 7lb
73.5kg11.57st11st 8lb
74kg11.65st11st 9.1lb
74.5kg11.73st11st 10.2lb
75kg11.81st11st 11.3lb
75.5kg11.89st11st 12.5lb
76kg11.97st11st 13.6lb
76.5kg12.05st12st 0.7lb
77kg12.13st12st 1.8lb
77.5kg12.2st12st 2.8lb
78kg12.28st12st 3.9lb
78.5kg12.36st12st 5lb
79kg12.44st12st 6.2lb
79.5kg12.52st12st 7.3lb
KgStonesst and pounds
80kg12.6st12st 8.4lb
80.5kg12.68st12st 9.5lb
81kg12.76st12st 10.6lb
81.5kg12.83st12st 11.6lb
82kg12.91st12st 12.7lb
82.5kg12.99st12st 13.9lb
83kg13.07st13st 1lb
83.5kg13.15st13st 2.1lb
84kg13.23st13st 3.2lb
84.5kg13.31st13st 4.3lb
85kg13.39st13st 5.5lb
85.5kg13.46st13st 6.4lb
86kg13.54st13st 7.6lb
86.5kg13.62st13st 8.7lb
87kg13.7st13st 9.8lb
87.5kg13.78st13st 10.9lb
88kg13.86st13st 12lb
88.5kg13.94st13st 13.2lb
89kg14.02st14st 0.3lb
89.5kg14.09st14st 1.3lb
90kg14.17st14st 2.4lb
90.5kg14.25st14st 3.5lb
91kg14.33st14st 4.6lb
91.5kg14.41st14st 5.7lb
92kg14.49st14st 6.9lb
92.5kg14.57st14st 8lb
93kg14.64st14st 9lb
93.5kg14.72st14st 10.1lb
94kg14.8st14st 11.2lb
94.5kg14.88st14st 12.3lb
95kg14.96st14st 13.4lb
95.5kg15.04st15st 0.6lb
96kg15.12st15st 1.7lb
96.5kg15.2st15st 2.8lb
97kg15.27st15st 3.8lb
97.5kg15.35st15st 4.9lb
98kg15.43st15st 6lb
98.5kg15.51st15st 7.1lb
99kg15.59st15st 8.3lb
99.5kg15.67st15st 9.4lb
100kg15.75st15st 10.5lb
100.5kg15.83st15st 11.6lb
101kg15.9st15st 12.6lb
101.5kg15.98st15st 13.7lb
102kg16.06st16st 0.8lb
102.5kg16.14st16st 2lb
103kg16.22st16st 3.1lb
103.5kg16.3st16st 4.2lb
104kg16.38st16st 5.3lb
104.5kg16.46st16st 6.4lb
105kg16.53st16st 7.4lb
105.5kg16.61st16st 8.5lb
106kg16.69st16st 9.7lb
106.5kg16.77st16st 10.8lb
107kg16.85st16st 11.9lb
107.5kg16.93st16st 13lb
108kg17.01st17st 0.1lb
108.5kg17.09st17st 1.3lb
109kg17.16st17st 2.2lb
109.5kg17.24st17st 3.4lb
110kg17.32st17st 4.5lb
110.5kg17.4st17st 5.6lb
111kg17.48st17st 6.7lb
111.5kg17.56st17st 7.8lb
112kg17.64st17st 9lb
112.5kg17.72st17st 10.1lb
113kg17.79st17st 11.1lb
113.5kg17.87st17st 12.2lb
114kg17.95st17st 13.3lb
114.5kg18.03st18st 0.4lb
115kg18.11st18st 1.5lb
115.5kg18.19st18st 2.7lb
116kg18.27st18st 3.8lb
116.5kg18.35st18st 4.9lb
117kg18.42st18st 5.9lb
117.5kg18.5st18st 7lb
118kg18.58st18st 8.1lb
118.5kg18.66st18st 9.2lb
119kg18.74st18st 10.4lb
119.5kg18.82st18st 11.5lb


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